Twisted Wizard's Paranormal Provocative Band - Macon, Georgia USA Earth Universe

The Twisted Wizard's Paranormal Provocative Band

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All About The Twisted Wizard’s Paranormal Provocative Band

 Twisted Wizard's Paranormal Provocative Band Logo
Hello! Welcome to the TWPP Bands or Twisted Wizards Paranormal Provocative Bands Website from Macon, Georgia USA! The Genre of music, Genre of my Songs is Indie Futuristic Expressive Mystical Rock Music Or I FEM Rock Music was picked after studying the type of music being created long before the bands inception. This Web presence for the band was established in February 2013.
All good things seem to come with rough birthing pains. The other band members that I was working with from October 2012 until January 2014 would move on. I wish to say that I wish all of them well. A 9 month minimum separation clause in our contract would place my Artistic creations on hold once again until late 2014.